A location above the urinal that men look at intently while urinating, usually to avoid looking at anything else in the men's bathroom, especially including other men.
I didn't want to see the johnson of the guy pissing next to me in my peripheral vision or for him to think I glanced at his junk, so I chose my pee spot to be the grout between some tiles on the wall above the urinal.
by IKP January 25, 2008
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Very similar to the g-spot, but it is 9 letters away and the female is unable to determine if she will climax or urinate.
"The sex was great until he hit my pee spot and I wet the bed!"
by Diarrhetoric May 14, 2010
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A pee spot is a dot of pee when you squart a little out. Typically on underwear,pants,shorts, and many other clothing types.
When he got home from his game, he had to pee so bad. So, he took off his shorts and cup and stood the looking at his blue and green boxers. He started to feel it when all this sudden it just came uncontrollably all over the wall and his shorts. He didn't know what to do so he opened up his dresser drawer with all his boxers, pulled down his peed on boxers and put his penis in the drawer and watched his penis finish its business. When it was finished, he fully took off his peed on boxers to see that there was this one big pee spot.
by Jeffblm123 November 26, 2016
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