3 definitions by Diarrhetoric

Very similar to the g-spot, but it is 9 letters away and the female is unable to determine if she will climax or urinate.
"The sex was great until he hit my pee spot and I wet the bed!"
by Diarrhetoric May 14, 2010
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A female version of sasquatch, or a female who possesses the same characteristics of sasquatch, I.E. eating mutton chops, giant feet, over 8 ft. tall etc. May cause blurred vision.
"Hey man! you musta been some kinda drunk to be hitting on that lassquatch last night!"

"It was a bit blurry, but i'm pretty sure that was a lassquatch that devoured your mutton, ma'am."
by Diarrhetoric April 18, 2010
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Based on the Seinfeld characted "George Costanza," 'George Costanzaing' is the act of taking back some of the money one has left for a tip, most often while the money is in the waitress/waiter's hand.
I totally George Costanzaed that waitress when I realized you left 15.00 on a 20 dollar tab!

I'm not one for George Costanzaing, but I refuse to leave more than 2 dollars for this waiter!
by Diarrhetoric March 13, 2010
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