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pee mail- the urine message dogs leave on objects to communicate with one another
When I walk Fido, he stops at every fire hydrant to read and answer his pee mail.
by Rust John Tommy Rude March 03, 2007
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what your dog is checking when it sniff's for other dog's recent urination; then returns the pee-mail
"honey, im waiting for ripley to check her Pee-mail; we'll catch up"
by xynth3a November 28, 2009
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(noun) a text message or email sent from your workplace bathroom because policy dictates you may not do so on company time.
the boss is breathing down my neck, so i'll send you a pee-mail when i get the chance
by office jester April 01, 2009
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a.k.a.: "P-mail"
A message left by one land-based mammal for another through the method of depositing urine in a place where another mammal is meant to discover and interpret it. Message is limited to the format of a personal add (species, gender, age, health & pregnancy status, etc.) but does include a rough timestamp. As with most messaging standards, readers will very according to quality and the accuracy of the information extracted from the message will vary accordingly. This method of messaging is used extensively by wild animals "marking their territory" and domesticated dogs on walks in public places.
It is nearly impossible to run with my dog in the park because he is generally too focused on checking and responding to his pee-mail for us to gain any momentum.
by The Stever February 28, 2009
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