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(peet-es) 1. n. word used to describe a peanut shaped like a fetus
2. n. Word used to describe a fetus shaped like a peanut
3. v. The action of picking your nose with a peanut while fishing for fetuses in the pond in your backyard.
4. adj. A term used to describe something that is peatus like.
6. n. The second thursday of the fourth month of every year. Peatus day.
1. I saw the sonagram of Ashley's baby. What a peatus!
2. Martha grabbed a hand full of nuts, and was suprised to see a peatus.
3. One of Nathans favorite actions is peatusing.
4. Dude, kyles head is peatusy.
5. Man, that peatus was eating a peatus while peatusing. What a peatusy day!
by scaberli April 09, 2008
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