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This girl happens to always be happy and always smiling and laughing for apparently the most pointless stuff. She has a lot of charisma. People love being around her and tend to enjoy her goofyness. Guys tend to like her by her personality. Many girls that don't even know her tend to hate her. Pearla is different. Pearla doesn't care what people think of her. Pearla is one in a million. You're lucky if you have her. Don't let go of a "Pearla"
"Dude I like this one girl and she always know how to put a smile on my face"

"What's her name dude"

by Asecretboymuch January 20, 2015
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Something that is truly immense it deserves an audience.
“Oh Kris, did you see that catch, that was an absolute pearla, mate”

“Jesus Josh, great goal mate, that was a fucking pearla”
by Neo4599 June 02, 2018
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