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1. The occasion of having a nightmare and waking up from it, only to soon discover that you didn't really wake up at all. And repeat.
Best if each pseudo-waking involves conversing with someone sleeping beside you.

2. (in cinema) When a film has an eerie moment involving a nightmare which a character is unable to wake up from. The character will continuously wake up each time by gasping and sitting up in bed. Usually a cheap attempt at something psychological or "artistic", with vague dialogue from the character/s feigning profoundness.
Also usually followed up by an interesting experiment with camera techniques, and some vague imagery hinting at existentialism. Always done with suspenseful music.

Both above definitions drawn from the Kids In The Hall sketch, the Pear Dream.
1. Last night I had a terrible pear dream about clowns. For a moment there I thought I had slept with a man named Bobo.

2. A: What's wrong?
B: I had the pear dream again.
A: Was I there?
B: Yes. I think I'm insane.
A: I know you are.
by Bruno Puntz-Jones July 19, 2010
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