a store which trains people into dumb robots to sell even dumber robots which we commenly know as pcs.
for people who cant afford a propper pc
hello sir welcome to pc world how cant i help in making your mind to buy this machine with our support that costs more then your machine is worth and has a warrenty that expires as soon as it leaves this store.
by ian david wright January 28, 2009
Currys pc lies, buy something on click and collect and a 99.9% chance it will fail and you will have to wait 5 days to get your money back from your bank.
"Bro I just got an email saying my item from Curry's PC World is cancelled"
"Just go to Currys them self then"
*Goes to Currys*
"Yeah sorry it was out of stock but we don't update our website or tell you before you buy that the item isn't at our store"
by METROBUS by Goahead Group February 11, 2021