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the act of having someone forcibly pay for you.
We went out last night, and he totally pay raped me.

*waitress places check on table*
*Person 1 picks up check, puts down credit card*
Person 2: I can get it
Person 1: No, I insist
Person 2: No, we can split it...
Person 1: No. I have it!
Person 2: PAY RAPE!
by Pr3dARE September 29, 2010
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Being forced to pay for someone else.
1. Hey man, I can't pay my tab, can you cover me?
- Dude you are totally going to pay rape me...

2. I can't afford this ticket, can you get it for me?
- Dude you are totally going to pay rape me...
by Pay4Pr3Dair August 28, 2012
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