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The study of the wider power struggles in a tv show, book series or other form of media, often taking into account the implications of manipulation and backstabbing on other characters and the overall story. Also refers to a chart, diagram or internal mapping of such power struggles as a result of intensive pawnographic study.

Complex pawnographies often take on a web-like appearance; simpler pawnographies can be explained in a linear fashion. Some stories may have an unclear or unresolved pawnography, and others may have none at all.

Depending on the preferences of the individual, pawnography can be described as twisted, perverse, mind-bending, life-changing, or exactly what decent writing needs.
Friend A: Dude, check out this wicked pawnographic study I found.
Friend B: I don’t know man, the Game of Thrones pawnography looks too involved.
by AnonyTee March 04, 2018
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