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A Pavik comes from royalty. If you know a Pavik you know that they are incredibly good looking and also well hung;) They are ALL successful and are spread all across the United States as well as Europe. They form a secret society of bad a**es that are untouchable.. unless of course they seek to be touched. It's such an honor to know a Pavik that most people deny even knowing one out of respect.
Guy #1: Dude, have you met a Pavik?

Guy #2: I have no idea what you are talking about.
by idontknowwhaturtalkingabout December 15, 2013
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A man unsure of himself and dominated both physically and mentally by women. A pavik is usually very strong and often lifts weights to compensate for his tiny penis.

Attracted to small Filapino men and often walks with a limp caused by homosexual activity,
girl #1 - I need a whipping boy

girl #2 - Go after that bufff guy he is a pavik
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