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1.A brief moment of silence to ponder(think about) the sexual content of something that was said.

Note:'Pause!' is sometimes said after a possible sexual innuendo. It can be said by the person who issued the statement or by someone who heard it.
(The statement itself did not have to be meant in a sexual manner.)

2.When after reading something(i.e. a sign)a pause is need to think about the sexual content of what was read.

3. Can be used to replace no homo.
1."Gosh Shawn you always give me the best tasting juice." -pause moment
"So son dat nigga Tye I was feelin' him last night." -pause moment
"Why is it so hard to get you to come here." -pause moment

2.Sign says "Parking in Rear."
Sign says "Always a Happy Ending."

3."Your ass is mine." -pause moment
by Radon Killer February 20, 2009
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when somebody says something really random, crazy, or nasty. you pause and stare and usually say "what??" or get really quiet and then laugh
when bobby admitted he'd kiss nick cannon, that was a total pause moment
by #teamfatal December 05, 2011
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