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The so called "Prime minister of canada", aka The lying, cheating, vote buying JERKOFF who runs a corrupt dictatorship and controls public opinion through his massivle ybloated government beauracracy. Claims to be the defender of Canadian Health care and yet cut 40 billion dollars from it when he was finance minister. Claims to know nothing about the sponsorship scandal and yet was finance minister at the time. Is he incompetent or just a liar? The hero of whiny assed liberals everywhere who are completely happy with the fact that the liberals are ruining canada with their corrupt, arrogant and irresponsible 'governance'.
by Not A Liberal June 16, 2005
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Canadian Prime-Minister

Someone that well, just sucks being a leader, exspecialy when he spends all of the Canadian peoples money.
Paul Martin sure is an @$$ Hole. He and the Liberals sure like spending are hard earned cash.
by $LAYER November 07, 2005
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