1.changed the meaning of 'myspace whore'; 2.amazingly good looking; 3.better than your bf
"Aye, whose that phit as hell kid over there?"
"Are you stupid? thats Paul Griffiths, n00b."
by JULIA exclu$ive! January 7, 2008
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Trainwreck from myspace.
He owns Babycakes Clothing. He is a myspace king.
He has deleted his livejournal account but can be found with thousands of friends on myspace.
There are over 30 communities on livejournal and myspace dedicated to talking about him and sharing photos of him.
"do u talk to Paul Griffiths AKA Trainwreck?"
"naww I aint phitt nuff
by cuntx May 14, 2007
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