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A non-traditional Mexican style pasta served to teen and pre-teen Mexican border town young girls prior to their official de-flowering by their father or brothers. This delectable dish is made with a special type tulip shaped Italian pasta called Campanelle. The pasta, chosen for it's symbolic flower shape is then prepared with any cheap can or jarred spaghetti sauce. The sauce is then doctored up with hot chile sauce, cilantro and Safeway's Lucerne Brand Mexican style four cheese blend. More expensive sauces and cheeses can be used but traditionally, the cheaper versions are used to symbolize the cheapness of the event. For larger families, refried beans, rice and tortillas are also served with the pastachingata. A truly special dish for that very special night.
Hey Chingaletta, did you know that little Maria is getting her pastachingata tonight. She has five brothers and her dad is hung like a mule so she is going to be very very sore tomorrow my friend.
by Snowpimp January 14, 2010
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