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It is a feature of Smart Telecom (mobile company in the Philippines) wherein you can send a load/credit to your friends or vice versa. See eload.

pasaload = slang for "pass a load" but pasa literally means pass in Tagalog.
"Pasaload naman d'yan!"
"Pasaload please."
by Jaycee05 September 25, 2007
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To transfer Smart airtime credits peer-to-peer using Smart's Facebook application called "Pasaload of Facebook"

To subtly transfer responsibility to clueless co-worker
Since Tristan is such an eager-beaver, I told him the boss will be impressed if he also did my report. Na-Pasaload ko siya!

Dude! Be a good facebook friend naman and Pasaload to me!
by pamalo November 25, 2010
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