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Parents who constantly go out drinking every other day or every weekend. Their friends most likely also party parents or partiers, gather 'round and drink until the morning hours. Party parents most likely have a well paying job, nice house, and definitely kids. Some party parents don't pay much attention to their sons and daughters because the would rather go drinking with their friends.
Kid: "Hey you wanna come over tonight?"

Kid 2: "Nah, I can't, I have to watch my little brother."

Kid: "Aren't your parents home?"

Kid 2: "No, they are out at their friends house, they are total party parents."
by Junk28 August 10, 2007
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The people at a party who perform the tasks a parent would, but instead of young children, there are inebriated guests. eg., cleaning up puke, hydrating, arranging transportation, finding place for everyone to sleep, generally maintaining happiness/health.
"man, i was so wasted last night, i passed out on the floor and this morning i woke up in a soft bed with water and painkillers by my side, there must have been some great party parents."
by The Boss 47 February 18, 2012
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