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1. to have a strong interest, initially (or in the initial stages), in someone or something

2. to be absolutely crazy for, totally desirous of, or utterly devoted to someone or something

* (in some areas, and amongst some demographic and age groups, the words "mad" or "crazy" may be substituted for the word "sick")
1. Bob : So dude. How's it going with that femme you met at the Gorilla Room Friday night? What's her name? Diana? Cassandra? Yolanda?

Rob : Diana. Yeah bro, have to say - I'm part-time sick partial to some Diana. We spent Friday night and most of Saturday and Sunday intertwined serpentine, up on my king single and things. Haven't been to her place yet though. Remember that woman I met at your brother's wedding who only listened to musicals?

2. Hipster1 : Something inside me died when they broke up. Nothing, like, mortal or fatal, but definitely something.

Hipster2 : Yeah, I used to listen to Out Hud when they were together, too. Seriously part-time sick partial to the S.T.R.E.E.T. D.A.D. release, I think it was on Kranky. They were the best, Out Hud.
by Guru Voodoo May 05, 2010
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