The uncanny ability to find an open parking space in a desirable location of a busy parking lot.
I always have to park out in the boonies, but when I ride with Paul we're always in the front row. He's got some great parking karma.
by PaulieJr October 18, 2006
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The availability of good parking as a direct result of the way one handles personal driving experiences.
Erin to Paul: "Sweet! front row again... You must have good parking karma."
Luke to Elayne: " You see that motherfucker cut-off that ambulance ?"
Elayne: " Yup! He just lost ALL his parking karma! "
by sunbl00d August 17, 2011
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It is the nagging feeling that if you do something bad, you won't get that cherry parking space or some dude will pull right in front of you as you pull in. It is particularly bad at colleges where the idea of every man for himself combines with late for class. So you spend your life trying to build up parking karma, and are always frustrated.
Damn it, that dude just pulled right in front of me and took my space. I shouldn't have called Becka a bitch last night. Karma Parking!!!
by Bozlog February 13, 2014
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