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A male assistant of a student. Student is smart, but requires a lot of attention, has a very nasty attitude at times, gets what he wants, not when he wants. Paraprofessional dress nice, likes suede shoes, shops at exspensive malls. Some have birthdays from December 13- January 21st! January 21st is the lucky birthday. Paraprofessionals are great at what they do! They are known to be born with patience and to help other students become successful. I love my paraprofessional.
A male aged from 25-26 that assists Marcus everyday. He is like a big brother to Marcus. Marcus may not show how much he appreciates Mr. Adams, but in the inside, Mr. Adams is helping Marcus become successful! Paraprofessionals are known to arrive late sometimes, but they love having conversations. They love the future.
by Sky112 November 17, 2013
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