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The latest (as of 2005) anime by famous director Satoshi Kon. His works include "Millenium Actress" and "Tokyo Godfathers." Paranoia Agent follows the stories of victims of a would-be serial killer, but none of them are dead. This enigmatic attacker is known as Li'l Slugger, because he uses a slightly bend bat to strike his victims. This anime is not just a police drama though, for all the victims seem...relieved afterwards. All of them suffer from dangerous psycological symptoms, and were being pushed into a corner by events in their lives. The attacks come as a release, almost healing in a sense. This anime is very good, and it differs from the fantasy-sci fi normalicy of average anime. I would really recommend seeing it, and all of Satoshi Kon's works.
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by Tsukioka Yosho July 08, 2005
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An excellent anime series on Cartoon Network's Adult Swim. This follows a group of people in modern day Tokyo who have all been attacked by a mysterious boy deemed Lil' Slugger. They all identify the boy as having golden rolloerblades and a golden baseball bat, bent at a 45 degree anlge (described on the show as "like a dog's leg"). All of these victims share the common trait of being under extreme pressure, trauma and stress at the time of their attack, and all of them have their problem temporally solved after they have been attacked. Each character has it's own sub-plot, and each character ties to the others due to the attacks of Lil Slugger. There are also two detectives working on solving the case. Paranoia Agent is a cerebral, vague and often confusing anime show, but if you take the time to understand the show's subtle plot clues, it is well worth it.
I used to stay up for Adult Swim to see InuYasha, Cowboy Bebop and Trigun.. but now I just want to see more of Paranoia Agent.
by Waqcku July 08, 2005
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