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Someone who displays skills sets or social tendencies that are outside of those of mainstream society. A person that defies social norms but is not a sociopath. Usually a highly intelligent person with a good set of social skills, but who is unwilling to spend too much time with people. The parahuman hates bars and beer pong and prefers to play video games. Also spends large ammounts of time creating and fixing virtually anything electronic or mechanical.
The parahuman fixed my computer in record time.
by Le Kat November 14, 2006
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Parahuman are mythological creatures that are part human or resemble humans through appearance or character.

The multitude of mythic humanoids can be divided into four categories:

Human skinned humanoids

These humanoids can pass unnoticed in human society. Their ears may be slightly misshaped, their eyes may not line up, or their height may not measure up, but their difference in appearance can be attributed to genetic mistakes or mutation. Sometimes they live separated from society, live in alternative realities, or occur only by night or under specific circumstances. This category includes elves, fairies, nymphs and house spirits.

Monster skinned humanoids

Portions of these humanoids are clearly not of human make. Drastic differences in skin colour, eye type, scales and fur, claws and tails. The average person may find them quite unpleasant and untrustworthy because they are not all human.

Monstrous humanoids

These humanoids are likely to instill fear and revulsion. They may walk, talk, and think like a human, but they are obviously not.

Temporary form humanoids

These are creatures that may temporarily disguise or transform into a human shape, but have entirely different true forms
Parahuman are beings of fairy tales and mythologies.
by Gokai Makai 2468 December 30, 2017
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