Word to descripe a scriptard, nublet, or FFT member that plays NS
by Okra October 06, 2003
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An offensive name that can be given to any male with extraordinarily skinny or slim fingers.
by nsplayer November 07, 2003
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To !@#$ anything till its brain is out, you use this to annoy other people when they dont know what you are talking about.
Person 1-I am gonna paque you!
Person 2 thoughts- uh oh, paque, what does that mean?
Person 2- not if i do it 1st
person 1 thoughts- HAH i win.
by Bobbyftw23243 July 10, 2008
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The name of the most amazing girl in the world and is really good at Wii Tennis. The best in the west they say, all time amazing girl, legend has it the first Paquee was a cutie named Presley.
Hi Paquee!
Your a god at Wii Tennis Paquee!!!
I love you Paquee forever and always.
by EthanTap May 06, 2019
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The most wonderful and amazing girl anyone could ever ask for.

Is infamously known for her Wii Tennis skills, along with Mario Kart.
That girl Paquee is crazy!!
Come here Paquee!!
Love you Paquee bebs!
Love you forever and always Paquee - e
by EthanTap May 06, 2019
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