A skeleton/person who's gone fucking insane and summons their two beloved dead friends.
But it's mostly Papyrus.
And they also might have a Twitter account that goes by @FishwithBones.
Friend 1: What the hell are you doing!?
Friend 1: The hell is that!?
Friend 2: YOU DON'T KNOW!?
Friend 1: OF COURSE I DON'T!
by Backbone Papyrus October 24, 2020
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Yes of course they are edgy! Well they get anxiety from lots of things. In school they want attention because they don't get enough at home. They are very creative, especially when drawing. They have a dark side. They are bad at singing but they think there better than everyone else. They are cute.
Edgy papyrus is edgy
by Random rainbow June 17, 2017
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He is basically UnderTale Sans but in Papyrus body so he has the body of UT Pap but the personality Of Sans. (btw Us stands for underswap)
Underswap Papyrus: hey bro can you get the honey for me..
Underswap Sans: But brother you are Literately 2 feet away from it!
Us Papyrus: but u are too. :|
Us Sans: FINE! But only this once brother. Next time you need to get up and get is your self.
Us papyrus: k, thanks bro.
by TheBiggestUndertaleFan November 22, 2021
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