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A paperfuck is any document that can totally screw you such as: a lawsuit, legal charges, failing grades on a transcript, a police report, etc. etc.

It can also be used a verb.
Cop: I know that you know where the suspect is, now tell me where he's hiding or I will paperfuck you out of this university so fast!
UCLA Student: I swear I don't know, I think he has friends in Santa Cruz.

Daniel: How are you doing man?
Kyle: Awesome, I totally just paperfucked the guy who slashed my tires.
by SNUKnight April 20, 2008
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Attempting to get rid of an employee by constantly writing them up over every little thing. Eventually their file will be full of disciplinary material and they are paper fucked.
Sarah is a horrible employee! Too bad we can't just fire her on the spot. We have to paper fuck her.
by DisgruntledSupervisor April 10, 2013
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