its are teh pwn rocket cast0r, it is leet and pwnz0r teh enemies, hrhrhrhr
by leik adam January 22, 2004
"So we go get breakfast at the diner and I am a WRECK. I have never been this nervous in my life. I can barely eat, I'm shaking, I'm freaked out. I keep watching the door. EVentually I decide I have to go to the bathroom because I've wigged myself out so badly I think I'm gonna puke and poop myself. So I pop in a stall and sit down so I can poop. Which I do. At the same time I start puking."

My friends and I call this panzershrecking, because it's blowing out of both ends.

Edit: panzerschrecking*
by wil_dogg February 10, 2012