1. A group of basement dwellers that as previously stated live in their mother's basements, thinking they are tough because they put on mask and "activist" but really only get drove off and grounded for not being home by curfew.

2. Men with tiny and inoffensive genitalia.
Mom, not now! I'm being a pANTIFA activist.
by Bloody_Vaginal_Belch July 12, 2019
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Childish derogatory term used by fascists about their opposition – ant-fascists (antifa). They've added a 'p' so it has the word 'pant', as in 'pants' in it because they are very clever grown-ups.
We could have a coup for our corporate overlords, but what if pantifa show up? They scare me.
I'm sure, fairly sure, ... I'm try to pretend that I'm clever and strong but pantifa make me look like a weak fool.
by Owlandthepussycat January 16, 2021
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