A Spanish cuss word that inherited several street meanings.
1. Asshole
2. Dumbass
3. Man Whore
Theres more, but those are the 3 most common ones.
by DaBreadBoi April 29, 2008
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Spanish slang for covidiot. A portmanteau of pandemic and pendejo.
Tony Tenpenny thought COVID-19 was fake and now he's dead from it. What a sad pandejo.
by DrSamba September 30, 2020
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spanish term used to describe a person who is a dumb pussy.
julio stop acting like such a pandejo!!!
by steve stc April 25, 2017
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This word is used on a person who just saved your life and led you to shelter in a snowy zombie wasteland but you and your idiot friends decide to shoot him in the knee and torture him in the name of some idiotic justice that is the result of weak writing by assfaces.
Idiot: Burn in hell, pandejo.
Everyone with a brain: NOO YOU FUCKING IDIOT.
by fucking_pasta May 1, 2021
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