Man-made islands in the Persian Gulf located right off of Dubai. There are three different chains of the Palms: Jebel Ali, Jumeirah, and Deira. When completed, they will house luxury hotels, beacfront houses, and water parks. Deira is the largest of the chains. Upon completion, they will be the only man-made structure visible from space, besides the Great Wall of China.
By the year 2015, space toruism will be a reality. I will give those people a bon voyage and remind them to look for the Palm Islands off of Dubai.
by W.C.'s own July 1, 2006
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much like a long island ice tea, except for use of natives of palm island, just off of far North Queensland, Australia.

the drink consists of a mixture of ingredients usually drank by indiginous Australians. ingredients: metho (metholated spirits), VB (victoria bitter), goon(wine) and Bundaberg Rum.
Tony: hey that guy looks so smashed

Bill: yeah that's gordon flabawabjabnunganoonga, he's probably been drinking a palm island ice tea
by hazzahmacca October 21, 2009
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