Top definition is Finland's biggest and most popular discussion board about weightlifting and bodybuilding. Founded in 2002 by Mike and Tomi, Pakkotoisto has rapidly gained much of publicity and a huge amount of users. Moderating has always been very strict in Pakkotoisto and that's one of the many reasons why it has become so popular.
I asked for juice in and all I got was this lousy kick-ban.
by Tomi April 14, 2004
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Spontanious situation at the gym when a athlete forces himself to lift or obeys a command to lift weight once more just when he is totally exhausted during the performance. This method is recognised to boost muscle growth. Junior users of pakkotoisto often try to identify Seniors by drawing a invisible "P" on their palm at the gym.
vielä menee, vielä menee yks senkin ämmä
by D April 14, 2004
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