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pakkiri: noun
Origin: from the word "pakki" (likely to be Tamil 'slang' word), an adjective used to describe someone who is greedy or simply wants more.

Synonyms: greedy (but in a more humourous context), kiasu

The word is also commonly used in situations where one is required to come up with a witty, intelligent response but is unable to think up one. Usage of this word almost always ensures a sense of superiority over your audience/opponent(s).
In actual context: "Dee and Snee are such pakkiris. In public places, they're always rushing over to stands that contain colourful, attractive brochures and taking liberal amounts of them!"

May also be used as: Argh! This quadratic function is so...pakkiri. I can't make sense of it at all!
by aranel June 13, 2004
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