Glamour pornography of a topless woman found on page 3 of a British tabloid
by Gumba Gumba February 22, 2004
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The small paragraph, which few people read, at the top of page 3 in a British tabloid newspaper. This page traditionally contains a full page picture of a topless model, who may be completely nude, though not showing her genitals, only tits and arses are allowed.

The paragraph is purportedly a quote from the model pictured, in which she gives her views on all manner of current subjects, such as how to solve the Israel/Palestine conflict, or the credit crunch.
Bob: "Dave, have you read this page 3 text? Nikkala from Braintree says there should be a two-state solution to solve the Palestinian crisis, and that there should be government action to bring down the interbank lending rate to ease the credit crunch."

Dave: "You expect me to believe an Essex bird who flashes her tits for a living said that? Bollocks!"
by Lee 74 October 28, 2008
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The Page 3 Effect is the phenomenon that on any online forum large enough, almost any thread will be derailed by page 3. Occurs most often in threads about touchy subjects, both serious (politics, AIDS, etc.) to stupid (Which class is overpowered in TF2, meme's, general flaming, etc.)
"Hey man, what happened to my thread?"

"Oh, it got locked because the Page 3 Effect kicked in."
by Kookygoose May 15, 2009
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You may never talk to another bros girl even if she is fine with it
Nah bro bro code page 67 paragraph 3 rule 3
by That is not my job October 19, 2018
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a 3 page letter text message that normaly causes a fight or the excessive force of bitting one's ear, multiple jabs to the face, and a possible headlock that may cause unconciousness. Also what gay boy Chris Brown did to his boyfriend Rihanna.
Oh shit my girlfriend gave me the 3 page letter treatment, i cant listen to my ipod now because of that txt. Rihanna tried to give Chris Brown the 3 page letter treatment but it back fired on her.
by The Hater Above All March 11, 2009
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