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New found word (I think), but basically any caucasian teenage male that wears strictly Pac Sun clothes and usually seen with stupid white girls with Roxy shirts on. But they dont surf. Oh yes, the PSP is usually decked out with (optional) hat, consisting of DC or Etnies. Shirt is usually a polo, maybe Kirra, and faded jeans with holes of course, Bullhead. The shoes have to be DC. They gotta be the Courts. Its ironic a PSP claims to skate (which they dont) and wears DC, but are unaware of any the teams skaters...infact the PSP probably is unaware that DC has a skate team. They usually have a short well kept haircut, gel possibly. They're cool enough to say "yea" instead of "yeah". Most of these kids play basketball and dont even own a skateboard.
Its probably good that pac sun doesnt sell the good shit like DGK, L-R-G..whatever. but it is a fucking shame they sell nikes there. (isnt kinda funny they dont sell decks there? or any sort of skateboard parts?)
pac sun playaz daily day:

PSP 1: "lol yea bought my gf sum nollie purfume from pc"
PSP 2: "lol kool dude"
PSP 1: "lol u wanna play sum bsketball?"
PSP 2: "lol yea then well go 2 pc"
by xope November 23, 2006
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