a person who is eurasian (usu. Aussie + Asian) but dresses like a an "AZN"... therefore an OZN.
Aussie + Chi/Thai = Paul Thomas = Ozn
by lol April 12, 2005
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a man who has bread and is dtb for life
ex: javi is ozn (the word is a man who has bread and is dtb for life)
by steve alvert January 9, 2023
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He's the coolest discord dating servers Playboy out there. He always gets all the coochies no matter which server he lands in, ladies fight among themselves to be used and thrown by him.
Lucy: God I wish ozne comes back, he bangs me so much better than Skyla
Meg: stop dreaming, he's probably having a threesome on his server, he's an ozne!!
by TheCoolestCaz July 29, 2021
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hi my discord user is ! $ozn#0001 (people with this tag are gay)
by soznlmao March 20, 2022
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