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1. a school in the middle of nowhere (Oxford, GA) that no body knows of, wheres theres nothing to do except drink yourself stupid and go hang out in the woods neard the confederate graveyard
2. the backdoor into emory
3. a place that when your friends ask you where you go to school, you just say emory to save urself the trouble of explaining what oxford is
4. a school so small that you know every who goes there, has gone there, and will eventually go there
by Cris Dizon July 17, 2006
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emory honors college where the students farm their own food and have no excuse to be late to class
oxford college is a place that you have to be at to love.
by mynameisntchad July 07, 2018
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Tiny college (about 700 students) located in Oxford, Georgia, which no one has heard of.
It's promoted as being "learning-focused" as opposed to "research-focused", with its benefits being small classes and an "intimate" campus. The closest city is Atlanta, which in my opinion sucks ass, except for Little Five Points. After going to Oxford for 2 years with a 2.0 gpa, you can continue at Big Emory.

Some people really love it and join SAA, Student Admission Association, but this is a relatively small proportion of the student body. Don't believe what these kooks say.

THE TRUTH: There are a lot of self-important people. Lots of fake hippies who drive SUV's and are from the suburbs. Few think for themselves. Almost everyone is an alcoholic. Yet there are no sororities or fraternities, only "social clubs". Most of the guys are short and ugly. Most of the girls are fat and ugly. There is nothing to do in the area. Most students are either pre-med or pre-law or pre-business. Hopefully you transfer out or fail out before you get sent to Emory in Atlanta, which is a whole new beast.
I go to Oxford College because of the small class sizes.

(interpret this as: I'm too stupid to get into the real Emory)
by ilikerustyspoons July 10, 2008
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