To win repeatedly against an opponent. See bitch
That makes four in a row - I own you
by mark marshall November 14, 2004
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When something (general a band) is the best - to the point where you are not worthy.
fan1:"yeah they're cool"
fan2:"cool? they totally own you!"
by swim72 January 4, 2006
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Term largely used on internet gaming such as 'halo 2'. Means that you killed them and now you own their body and their pride.
i just rocketed you man, i owned you!
i got owned by some guy with a sniper rifle.
by halo 2 guy July 25, 2005
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1. An expression used to state you used to have a romantic relationship before, and now you don't.

2. A general expression when you lose a thing you owned, and then, when in the verge of confrontation, you say.
Richard: I owned you, Sallie Mae.
Sallie Mae: Well, it's too late now, Richard.

Man: Damn! I owned you, Nintendo!
by subtle September 5, 2005
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Means that you are superior to a group of others, in control, the boss, etc.
On its own - i.e. I own you bitches...
by jat December 16, 2004
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A famous runescape character who is the best pker that owns.
The best pker in a game called runescape that owns your ass}.
Kg Owns You is the best pker in a game called runescape.
by kg ftw January 19, 2008
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A phrase used by almost every NBA YoungBoy troll account.
By the way, slavery has been abolished in 1865 so they're bringing back slavery.
Every NBA YoungBoy troll account ever: "Never been ratio'd | Never took an L | Block = I Own You"
by GoldiePara April 26, 2022
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