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Owen James Hart (May 14 1965-May 23, 1999)

Youngest child of the legendary Hart wrestling family of Calgary, Alberta, Canada, which also produced Bret "Hitman" Hart one of the WWE's most celebrated champions.

Owen wrestled and tolied in mid-card matches for years before finally gaining main event status in the mid-to late 90's.

In possibly the worst decision he ever made, Owen followed the direction of his boss, Vince McMahon to be lowered to the ring during his entrance on May 23, 1999 in the Kemper Arena in Kansas City.

And in the worst tradegy ever in wrestling history Hart fell 90 feet from the ceiling to the ring below, snapping his neck on a turnbuckle.

Whether Hart prematurely released the harness holding him or it malfunctioned has never been revealed.
Owen Hart died while working for the WWF on May 23, 19999.
by Winston JOrdan July 11, 2004
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Owen Hart was one of history's greatest wrestlers to never hold a world title, possessing both techinical and arial abilities. He was a 2 time Intercontinental Champion (Owen was scheduled to win the IC belt on the night he died), 1 time European Champ, 4 time Tag Team Champ and winner of the 1994 King of the Ring Tournament.

Had Vince McMahon released Owen of his contractual obligations after the Montreal Screwjobhe'd be alive today.
In 1999, I believe Vince McMahon murdered Owen Hart.
by Khan Tustion October 30, 2006
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Owen Hart was a Canadian born wrestler and younger brother of Bret Hart. Son of Stu and Helen Hart! May he rest in peace
Bob: Owen Hart got screwed worse than his brother Bret!
Joe: How So Bob?
Bob: Because He Got Screwed Out Of His Life
Joe: True. Vince McMahon can rot in HELL!
by I Love Ghetto Booty November 05, 2008
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