One who fails to break up in a current relationship before starting a new one.

or if you are from Massachusetts... ova-lappa
"Fran is an overlapper. Afraid to have the awkward breakup talk after they have found another lover."
by HBombD June 27, 2017
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A person who isn't "quite done" with one relationship before they start up another. This person does not refer to themselves as a cheater because "they were getting around to the breaking up part." They also don't consider themselves codependent, even though they can't stand the thought of being single for one bloody minute. Technically, however, they are both.
I'm not that picky about the women I date; I don't care if they're divorced, or if they have kids, or if they have a bunch of kids, like more than two. I just don't do liars, cheaters, or overlappers.
by Banter2012 October 29, 2015
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Someone who is always in a relationship. They can't stand being alone so they have the next person lined up before breaking up with their current fling.
Dang! Jason just broke up with Lilly a minute ago and is already out with his new girlfriend, Amy. Oh you KNOW he's an overlapper!
by TypeJ November 11, 2015
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