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Internet chat speak for drunk- used when the person is actually drunk, mis-spelling words on the keyboard.
Dud, me iz soooo drunkl write now...
by bluesonic August 2, 2006
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1. Crazy
2. Well drunk
3. When your're really high
1.NEYG&*^$&"$%RTG!£qrT2 3RQ6U7IKUT'Y;HLHMT"%"^$£^H
2. Person 1: Shut the FUCK UP!!!
Person 2. You're out of your head!
3. Dude, i'm out of my head...
by bluesonic August 10, 2006
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The combination of several words and phrases commonly used by people in chat rooms or message boards.
1. G2G, gotta go :D lol
2. Dude, stop speaking in internet chat.
by bluesonic August 8, 2006
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