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An abbreviation and inversion of the word obviously used to satirically convey the antonym of the word obviously.

A sarcastic obviously to be used in a situation of doubt.

Can be used to cast doubt on one's own words in the case of the self ously.

Can be associated with a silent hand signal involving the thumb and index finger, thereby creating an "O". The O, in case of extreme ouslying, may be placed on the forehead of the person being ously'd, or a silent ously may be used accordingly.

Also used in protest to those who feel it socially acceptable to sound completely unintelligent and use the abbreviation "obvi"

See also "prol"
Guy 1: I am so cool I do drugs and have boned like six bitches.
Guy 2: Ously.

Guy 1: Good thing I did hit that hotty boom boom, but dude I didnt wrap it up! I could have genital words and puss on my peter! OUSLY! (This is an example of the self ously... he does have genital words, and the HIV.

Guy 1: (talking about how much he loves girls that are "friends")
Guy 2: Yeah, I love girls that are just "friends" too. (Then slaps an Ously to the dome, or silent ously to buddies in room to signify the opposite and mock Guy 1).
by JohnDoh April 18, 2005
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