Otherhearted is feeling a deep connection to a certain animal, or animals. The connection/bond runs so deep it effects the way you identify. Otherhearted people identify with an animal. Many feel as if these animals are their friends, or non-blood families. If you want to say what your otherhearted creature is, you can call it your kith. Or (animal)hearted.
"She's wolfkith."

"He is foxhearted."

"They are otherhearted."

"His kithtype is cats."
by gobliniguess July 26, 2023
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When someone has a VERY strong connection to a non human being, a connection that is so strong that it affects their identity, they feel as if that being is family but not that they literally are that animal in a human body. Other names for this is Kith, Animalhearted, Sympath, Synpath, Kithhearted, and such. Being otherhearted isn’t just a choice or a favorite animal
A: OMG! Emily is Otherhearted and she has a elf hearttype! Ashleigh is as well and her hearttype is a cat!
B: isn’t that just a synonym for therians?
A: *blocks B*
by -S1lverstone- September 2, 2023
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A VERY STRONG connection a non-human being (usually but not always animals). A person who is otherhearted has such a strong connection to this being that if effects their identity, But they don’t literally believe that they are that being inside a human body.
A: OMG Emily is literally Otherhearted and her hearttype is a darwins fox!

B: wait isn’t that just a synonym for therians

A: …… *blocks B*
by -S1lverstone- September 2, 2023
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A person who feels a strong connection to non-human animals.
Some people are OtherHearted and don’t even know.” …
by Alterhuman defs September 20, 2023
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