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1. n. really good gatorade that gives one the sensation of having and orgasm after consuming.

2. n. a sexual position acheived by having sex with another person, and right after you orgasm, hit them in the back of the head, steal their purse and all their stuff, and run away.
1. Dude...did u see that guy in the lunch line drinking that fruit punch gatorade...? He just like, totally screamed 'OH SUSAN!' after taking a sip...must be some damn good orgasmaraid.

2. Dude, you know that rich kids single mother? Well the other day, I delivered her a pizza, and she couldnt pay, so we did the nasty on the floor, and I thought she was a bitch so i gave her an Orgasmaraid.
by MC Derf September 15, 2006
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