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A member of a high school orchestra. They dispise Band Geeks because they always seem to steal the spotlight in Orchestra. Who allowed wind players in a string ensemble, anyway?
I have worn my Orchestra uniform to a formal dance. Does that make me an Orchestra Nerd?
by me v.2.4 December 22, 2008
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A person who plays on an orchestra, typically a string orchestra, and typically a school one at that. They must enjoy it to the point where they cannot imagine life without it.

They tend to be friends with other Orchestra Nerds, but are not limited to that, often including other groups, such as Band Geeks, Choir Queers, Musical Nerds, School Nerds, or Geeks. Please note that these categories may overlap, as well as others which may not have been mentioned.
Arianna: I'm an Orchestra Nerd and a Dungeons and Dragons Geek. This is Andrew, he's a Band Geek. This here is Joe, he's an Orchestra Nerd and a School Nerd. Marcus is an Orchestra Nerd and a Musical Nerd, and Nate is a Video Game Geek.

Karina: Wow. Confusing.

Arianna: Yep!
by RatAlertMammothEgomania February 04, 2015
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