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a pack or pair of guys who are relatively so dirty, they need to chew orbits in order to be accepted in society
monique: "daayuummmmm didja see those two boys"
shawntell: " helll yeah i did. dey be some cuties"
monique:"yeah but they be some some classic orbitz"
by montelle July 08, 2009
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The nickname for a person who tries to kiss someone on the lips but somehow ends up circling their face with kisses and never actually reaches their lips.
by dkjfabekw January 08, 2008
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1. An travel company available through the wonderful service known as the Internet.
2. A terrible soft drink that sold for about a week in 1996, which had tiny balls floating in it, that, according to Wikipedia (and my own experience), had the "consistency of soggy bread."
1. I booked a flight for really cheap on Orbitz.
2. I remember drinking some Orbitz back in the day, and almost letting loose a technicolor yawn.
by veXxv December 11, 2006
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