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To use ones authority to obstruct someone as pay pack for failing to support.

For example in September 2013 New Jersey Governor Chris Christie's staff orange-coned Ft. Lee, New Jersey as pay back because the mayor of Ft. Lee failed to support Christie for Governor. In this case, orange cones were literally used to obstruct 3 lanes of the George Washington Bridge (GWB) into Manhattan from Ft. Lee : victimizing countless innocent commuters, causing dangerous gridlock and endangering public safety.

Fatty had NO IDEA .... yeah-right-Get-the-fuck-outta-heer !
Patti : Why are the restrooms nearest to our desks "Closed Until Further Notice" ?

Tony: We got orange-coned by Alex the janitor because I promoted Tyrell to be Chief Custodian instead of him. Now Alex says he's doing a "Plumbing Study".

Patti: I gotta pee !
by joedaprogramma January 11, 2014
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The orange cone is a bisexual instrument used to hump people in the ass. TheOrangeCone is often found with other orange cones up his ass. TheOrangeCone is not shy. He enjoys engaging in sex with the security poles located in front of your neighborhood Walmart. TheOrangeCone likes that pole up his ass! He always braggs about his sexual encounters on twitter at TheOrangeCone. He says because he's orange he is promoting safe sex. His fans follow him because they too enjoy anal sex. TheOrangeCone is anal from top to bottom.

TheOrangeCone is often found passed out drunk on the side of a road. TheOrangeCone really does know how to get smashed. And he's not a nice drunk. He will fall down in front of you just to trip you if you are not careful.

2. a saftey device used to direct traffic and/or warn drivers of approaching danger.

3. A safety device used in retail stores to warn pedestrians of spilt milk.

4. A deviced used to mark a parking space.
The CEO of Walmert places the orange cone in his parking space to prevent others from taking his space before he arrives to work.

TheOrangeCone failed to use protection when he engaged in intercourse with the security pole at Walmart.
Do you prefer a stick or TheOrangeCone up your ass?
by orangeconeterminator3 October 25, 2011
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