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Definition A: A doctor or other prescribing medical professional, that has been hounded by the D.E.A.,or law enforcment of any kind...or has been propagandized soo much that he will not prescribe opiate like pain medications for any reason unless you have a metal pole sticking out of your head "and sometimes not even then"
Definition B: A P.T.O. mom or other authority figures that are terrified of their children or loved ones becoming hooked on opiate like pain medications that they wont let them take them or wont let them get them for any reason not even for said pole in the head.....
Example for A:
"doctor johnson had been investigated soo many times for prescibing opiate like pain meds that he became a opiphobe and wouldn't help the woman who could'nt take care of her kids, bathe herself,or dress herself...even though he ran a pain clinic"

Example for B:
"Susy Homemaker's son broke his leg during a soccer match...but she was an opiophobe and when the doctor offered opiate like pain medication she turned it down...because she didnt want him to get hooked, and let him scream in agony for a week."
by quarterbunny January 30, 2008
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