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Ootman is a african god of memes. Ootman is a strong god, before he became a god, he died by getting ran over by a stampede of elaphants while using his windows vista playing roblox. Ootman will smite you if you claim that he doesn’t exsist. The name of his religion is ootmanism. To praise ootman, you make a door, bang on it for a couple of minutes while yelling “ootman open up”. Then leave gifts at the door, than listen to “the lion sleeps tonight” while in a triangle, square, or any shape with more than 2 edges. Ootman loaths straight lines because he got killed by a line of stampeding elaphants. Btw this is a joke so dont actually do this
Johnny: lets praise ootman
Max: ok
by Woke memologist January 15, 2019
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