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Out of the loop, basically the opposite of "In The Loop" (ITL) if somebody dosen't know what's going on they're ootl.
Person1: Hey i didn't know steve irwin died
Person2: dude you're ootl
by TheBlu September 20, 2006
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Officer Of The Law. Pronounced "ewwtle". This term is specifically reserved for those officers who use squad cars for personal errands (i.e. grocery shopping, taking the family to church, house shopping, etc). These officers usually pose no serious threat to those engaged in illegal activities, yet their presence still results in increased caution.
"Damn B, cova that spliff. There po up that."
"Nah. Not po, just ootl. But yeah, yeah. Ima put it down a lil."
by tubulin March 20, 2006
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