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Strong back weak minded male, who will lift or move heavy objects for ladies. Often it is the voluntary and helpful use of brut strength with no expectation of reward.

Source: Gary Anderson started its use in the early 80's at sci-fi conventions. Usage has grown into a clan like system where ooks are given names when indoctrinated into the cultural meme.

Examples of names are:
Chief Ook-ook, washed ook-ook, bunny food ook-ook, 20 amp ook-ook and fashion plate ook-ook.

The Ook-ook moto:
Ook, strong like bull,
smart like tractor,
smooth like brick,
smell like goat.
- Gary Anderson
Ook? (translated as: Do you need help?)
I need an ook-ook to carry this stuff up stairs.
Ook-ook me carry, you smile pretty lady. Deal?
by blonde ook-ook September 21, 2005
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