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combines the words oof and fantastic

contains all of the wonderfulness and essense of oof

ooftastic formally means: when something is so great and fantastic, the word oof, or no other word in any dictionary isn't enough

pronounced oof-tas-tick

created December 5th, 2017, the word ooftastic can be used in almost any circumstance

soon to be adopted by students and adults who are cool, groovy, and hip with the kids around the globe
Guy 1: I'm getting a bike for Christmas!
Guy 2: oof
Guy 1: oof
Guy 2: Thats pretty ooftastic my dude.

Girl 1: I just got an A on my math test!
Girl 2: Darn, that's pretty ooftastic!
Girl 1: oof. Heck yeah it is!
by GrazingCows December 07, 2017
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