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n.("omo" from Greek "όμοιος", alike, "omorphi" from Greek "όμορφη", beautiful, and "philia" from Greek "φιλία", friendship). It is the most spectacular feeling for the person who you consider to be your soul mate. It is the unconditional affection and the beautiful bond between two people, and the intense and passionate feeling you feel when you are with them. This person is not only who you'd die for, but is also your best friend. In this person you see him/her, yourself and the love only you two can share.
The luminous stars tore through the somber night sky. Something warm came in contact with my hand, and my smile returned quickly. His hand in mine, we watched the stars flash above us. We stood there, holding eachother, filling the night with omorphilia .
by Anastasie May 21, 2013
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